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segunda-feira, dezembro 15

Williamsburg with Jen

Harpsichordist Jen Bowen and I drove down to Williamsburg, Virginia on Saturday, where we played a concert at Bruton Parish Church. The weather was wonderful (very clear and sunny, which means cold in the winter time here) for our drive, so we made it there in about 5 1/2 hours. Jen rested and I saw a few bits of Wmsburg that I hadn't seen before (a used book shop, where I bought recent fiction in Spanish) and what seems to be THE happening coffee shop (my fancy latte was a little TOO sweet). We had a capacity crowd for the concert - the main floor and all three balconies were full. We played three Telemann suites for obligato harpsichord and flute, and Jen played the Bach Partita no. 2 in C minor. Only disappointment: nobody we knew who could tell us how it went....
Afterwards we had barbecue at a local restaurant (we were the last customers to leave, at
11:15 on a Saturday night!!!!!)


Volto amanha.......
segunda-feira, dezembro 8


Las mujeres son putas asesinas, Max, son monos ateridos de frío que contemplan el horizonte desde un árbol enfermo, son princesas que te buscan en la oscuridad, llorando, indagando las palabras que nunca podrán decir.
-Roberto Bolano
quarta-feira, dezembro 3


Concert Review

Anita Donovan in the Times of Trenton....

"An enthusiastic audience of young and old at the Unitarian Church of Princeton enjoyed a concert by Le Triomphe de L'Amour last week featuring 17th-century chamber music played on period instruments. Dubbed ``Mostly Telemann,'' the program included two of Georg Philip's Paris Quartets, a duet for flute and viola da gamba, and a sonata for solo viola da gamba. For a little touch of the South, works of Arcangelo Corelli and Dario Castello were interspersed."

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