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segunda-feira, abril 28

It's alive!

Meninos, dito e feito: o problema é que vcs bateram com a cabeça no teto. Apaguem uns posts antigos e mandem bala, ou criem um outro blog e redirecionem para lá. Beijos!
domingo, abril 13

Electronic musicians Aaron Funk (aka Venetian Snares) and Rachael Kozak (aka Hecate) are due to release an album made entirely from the sounds of sex, captured direct to MiniDisc while the lovers toured Belgium.

Returning home, they crafted these sighs and squelches into Nymphomatriarch's eponymous debut of lascivious electronica. Studio alchemy mutated their breathing and moaning into choirs and strings while "punishment" became percussion. "I remember thinking, 'That slap will make a good snare drum'," says Funk.

Nymphomatriarch aren't alone in their use of sex as a sound source. Vague Terrain Recordings - aka Drew Daniel and MC Schmidt - recently released A Viable Alternative To Actual Sexual Contact, a collection of music used to soundtrack gay pornography that was moulded entirely from "on set dialogue and audio".

quinta-feira, abril 10


After consultation your bloggers have decided to continue with this site....mostly because I couldn't seem to get authenticated to the new server.

So....long time no blog. Not so much news here. Went to a fine concert by Tempesta di Mare in Center City Philadelphia on Saturday night, featuring our good friend Lisa Brooke in the orchestra. A concerto grosso by Handel, one by Vivaldi, and a performance in English translation of Handel's Apollo and Dafne. Apollo was fine, a good baritone with a stage presence. I was less taken by Dafne, who had trouble putting her words across (and it was hard to believe that a God would have fallen for her...)

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