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quarta-feira, novembro 26


My article on the Bienal has just been posted at Brazilmax here.
segunda-feira, novembro 24
Acaso el problema de la irreversibilidad del tiempo sea el mayor impedimento humano.
Perhaps the problem of the irreversibility of time is the greatest human impediment.
- Marcelo Birmajer.

read the rest of the interview with this Jewish writer from Argentina here.

terça-feira, novembro 18

More Ronai in print

Just learned that the January ATA Chronicle will have my translation of
Paulo Ronai's Ribeiro Couto, His Own Translator.
domingo, novembro 2


I am in new england visiting, staying with my parents. Yesterday i had a nice visit with my friend Jeanne Wells (whom i have known since elementary school days) and her husband David Hobbie. They live in Arlington Heights. Arlington is a town where the greatest amenity once was the pizza parlor. Now there are coffee shops, yoga establishments, and I even noted an Argentinean restaurant (named Tango). Then i went on to Harvard Square, where i did some early Christmas shopping (books), photocopied some public domain flute music (from 1845) and then lunched with my daughter Emma at a "middle eastern" restaurant. The quibe was a flat slice of something cooked in a pan...never saw anything like that before....Emma gave her kebab high marks. Then we climbed the Bunker Hill monument (296 steps) and drove around the Boston waterfront.
In the evening my parents and I went to hear Lisa Brooke's concert in Salem. It was fabulous, with a very good mezzo soprano, Deborah Renz-Moore. My fave: the Monteclair
"Mort de Didon". Wow! A very good time was had by all.

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