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sexta-feira, outubro 31


Both men and women are happier if they are married, a study suggests.
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sexta-feira, outubro 10


After my working day I went to give blood at the Medical Center in Princeton, something I used to do more often when I could zip over there on my lunch break, donate, and be back at work for the afternoon (when I was working at Princeton). Yesterday I completed my eleventh gallon of donated blood.

Then I rewarded myself by picking up a copy of the most recent romantic comedy by Elizabeth Young at Barnes and Noble, "A Girl's Best Friend". I had read her first two novels and enjoyed them as well.

quinta-feira, outubro 9

Meu Brasil Brasileiro

Today I gave a lecture here at the College of New Jersey, as the first in a series at the Faculty Lunch Form. It was a brief intro to Brazilian popular music. In the audience I had a few professors, a Dean, and many students from the Music Dept., so many that a dozen had to sit on the floor. My playlist: Ultimo Desesjo (Noel Rosa, sung by Olivia Byington); Aquarela do Brasil (Barroso, sung by Gal Costa); Chega de Saudade (Jobim/Moraes, sung by Joao Gilberto - who else?); Desde que o Samba eh Samba (Caetano, sung by Caetano); video of Meditacao (Jobim/Mendonca, sung by Caetano); Carioca (Chico Buarque, sung by Chico). It was VERY well received. Nice questions from the students about the influence of jazz (or lack of it) in Brazilian music.

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