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quarta-feira, outubro 12

foto antigona, Ruth e eu. S? testando o Picasa
quinta-feira, maio 13
I learned this week that my contract with TCNJ will not be renewed...so the jig is up here as of June 30. I am looking into alternative employment possibilities.....

quinta-feira, maio 6

Williamsburg again...

On Saturday i will go play a solo recital of music for unaccompanied flute (my first ever!)
which will include the world premier of four bagatelles for flute by Sergio Roberto de Oliveira.

quinta-feira, fevereiro 26


Missing and believed abducted by aliens from Venus: Laura Ronai. Last sighting: Sept. 23, this blog. Those who may have information on her whereabouts, please contact this bloggeur......

More Ronai in print

The March issue of the ATA Chronicle will have the article "Sleeping Beauty" by Paulo Ronai (from "Babel", in my translation).

Sergio in the US

Sergio Roberto de Oliveira has been visiting with me since Feb. 15, with two lectures here at The College of New Jersey, and one at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Today he is being interviewed on the radio in Delaware.
The old template was dead, and Laura has not been posting...
but you should have a nice welcome instead of that black space....
quinta-feira, janeiro 15


Today brought an envelope with four issues of 21st Century Music, which is catching up with its backlog. That means that
there are four interviews which have been waiting quite some time to appear.

Nov. 2002, Interview with Robert Maggio, pp. 1-5.
Dec. 2002 Interview with Mark Hagerty, pp. 1-3.
Dec. 2003 Interviews with Caio Senna and Antonio Guerreiro, pp. 1-8

segunda-feira, dezembro 15

Williamsburg with Jen

Harpsichordist Jen Bowen and I drove down to Williamsburg, Virginia on Saturday, where we played a concert at Bruton Parish Church. The weather was wonderful (very clear and sunny, which means cold in the winter time here) for our drive, so we made it there in about 5 1/2 hours. Jen rested and I saw a few bits of Wmsburg that I hadn't seen before (a used book shop, where I bought recent fiction in Spanish) and what seems to be THE happening coffee shop (my fancy latte was a little TOO sweet). We had a capacity crowd for the concert - the main floor and all three balconies were full. We played three Telemann suites for obligato harpsichord and flute, and Jen played the Bach Partita no. 2 in C minor. Only disappointment: nobody we knew who could tell us how it went....
Afterwards we had barbecue at a local restaurant (we were the last customers to leave, at
11:15 on a Saturday night!!!!!)


Volto amanha.......
segunda-feira, dezembro 8


Las mujeres son putas asesinas, Max, son monos ateridos de frío que contemplan el horizonte desde un árbol enfermo, son princesas que te buscan en la oscuridad, llorando, indagando las palabras que nunca podrán decir.
-Roberto Bolano
quarta-feira, dezembro 3


Concert Review

Anita Donovan in the Times of Trenton....

"An enthusiastic audience of young and old at the Unitarian Church of Princeton enjoyed a concert by Le Triomphe de L'Amour last week featuring 17th-century chamber music played on period instruments. Dubbed ``Mostly Telemann,'' the program included two of Georg Philip's Paris Quartets, a duet for flute and viola da gamba, and a sonata for solo viola da gamba. For a little touch of the South, works of Arcangelo Corelli and Dario Castello were interspersed."

quarta-feira, novembro 26


My article on the Bienal has just been posted at Brazilmax here.
segunda-feira, novembro 24
Acaso el problema de la irreversibilidad del tiempo sea el mayor impedimento humano.
Perhaps the problem of the irreversibility of time is the greatest human impediment.
- Marcelo Birmajer.

read the rest of the interview with this Jewish writer from Argentina here.

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